Remove top buttons From Subpanel of Detailview – Sugar CRM

Assume that Target module and Lead module has one to many Relation ship
Now Leads will be shown under the Traget Record Detailview
So if we want to remove selection and creation of Lead from Subpanel of Lead
Then we can hide this two buttons from following code

Find The relation ship file in

Remove of Comment the code as commented in this relationship code as Below
And then Repair and Rebuild the sugar crm

$layout_defs[“Prospects”][“subpanel_setup”][‘prospects_leads_1’] = array (
‘order’ => 100,
‘module’ => ‘Leads’,
‘subpanel_name’ => ‘default’,
‘sort_order’ => ‘asc’,
‘sort_by’ => ‘id’,
‘get_subpanel_data’ => ‘prospects_leads_1’,
‘top_buttons’ =>
array (

0 =>
array (
‘widget_class’ => ‘SubPanelTopButtonQuickCreate’,
1 =>
array (
‘widget_class’ => ‘SubPanelTopSelectButton’,
‘mode’ => ‘MultiSelect’,




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