Creating custom view for SugarCRM module

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Hello everyone, i guess for most of us is another day at work :)

Today i want to share with you all, how you can create a custom view for any of your modules. You can use this view to integrate some script or anything inside sugar and it will look like it comes from there. So lets get started :)

lets imagine we have created a module semi_Metadata, and we want to add a new view and menu button called administer metadatas inside it.

If you look at the picture you will see that we have a new link in the menu called Administer metadata, and with it we don’t want to show editview,detailview or listview. We want to show our custom view. To create a link we will add this code to the Menu.php inside our semi_Metadatas module.

if(ACLController::checkAccess('semi_Metadatas', 'edit', true)) $module_menu[]=Array(
"index.php?module=semi_Metadatas&action=semi_AdministerMetadata", "Administer metadata",

To make this link…

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